Welcome to the Geek News Daily Podcast!

Welcome to the Geek News Daily Podcast, a podcast that brings you the day’s top science headlines.

The show will be 5 days a week with the goal of informing you about the day’s top science stories in a 10-15 minute format.

I will cover everything from the top headlines in astronomy news to archaeology news to health news and all areas of science in between! So no matter what field of science interests you most, hopefully there will be something that piques your curiosity!

If you want to read more about the stories we cover for a particular podcast, just come here to the Geek News Daily website to find the show notes where I will link to where I found the story so you can get more information, often including a link to the original study so you can see it for yourself.

The show should be available on whatever your favorite podcast service is whether its iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Podcast Addict or others and if its not, please let me know so I can get it on there!

Speaking of letting me know when there is an issue, I would love to hear from the Geek News Daily listeners so feel free to tweet me @pcnerd37 and like Geek News Daily on Facebook so you can interact with myself and other listeners. Lets create a community of science enthusiasts!

Most importantly, if I get something wrong, please reach out to me in one of the ways above and let me know. I don’t always get things right and I can only be as good as the sources I find for information so if there is something I need to correct with my reporting, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy the show and please tell your science loving friends about it so we can make it the best show and community of science lovers possible!

Jeremy “pcnerd37” Bray

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